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Live Steam Models

In this section we we be listing a range of models from Steam locomotives, Traction engines and small commercially made such as Mamod. My other business is Joe Nemeth Engineering Limited who are  an estabilished  company of builders, desiginers, and restorers  of miniature railway equipment. 

Every model we list here will have an accurate assesment of its build, performance and history. If any work is required our engineering company will be able to rectify this including rebuilds, overhauls and painting and lining. the website is 

Model Railways, Live Steam Models

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This well made locomotive is the result of over 15 years by a model engineer . It was designed as a 10 1/4" gauge model but ended up at 10 " gauge.

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SPECIAL OFFER. PRICE REDUCTION..... .A 7 1/4" gauge un-rebuilt Royal scot class locomotive number 6100 "ROYAL SCOT" built from Bassett Lowke castings.

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