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Die Cast

Diecast metal models have been around for more than 70 years, in fact many of us remember our parents taking us to our local toy shop and treating us to the latest lorry or car........Many are now prized collectors items and had we kept our toys from the past and in pristine condition they would be worth a small fortune! 

Die-casting is the process of how these models are made. Expertly made precision moulds are produced that clamp together in a special injection moulding machine. Molten white metal or other "Alloys" are injected under high pressure into the moulds. They are then extracted and fettled and painted and assembled with all the other parts to make the finished models.

The most popular makes are Dinky, Corgi, Budgie, Spot-on with many other manufacturers following on. We dont usually sell A1+ models but play worn to very good condition and some with boxes. This is far more affordable to most pockets.