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Restoration Service & Architectural Reclamation

With over 30 years experience in all traditional skills in both woodwork and engineering we are able to repair or restore almost any item of 'Railwayana' or similar antiques. My wife , Gosia carries out much of the specialist cleaning and dismantling of instruments including French Polishing and cutting back to original patinas . I do all the re-manufacturing of new components to original specifications and wood work repairs using carefully selected hardwoods. Dovetailed joints and other operations are carried out traditionally by hand. 

Restoration Projects

A great name but sadly missing end and distorted.

This small GWR wood cased signal arm repeater was brought to our workshop in a very poor state, in fact when we took it apart the inside was home to a family of spiders

This plate has a great history.

The owner of this sign used to train spot in Worcester as a small boy. When the opportunity came to purchase it he bought it.

Very early split cased GWR bell from Llandarcy box.

This beautiful instrument had spent years forgotten in a shed.

Probably the most famous signalbox plate of the British Isles.

loco completed on Germany's surrender WW2

New larger workshop where we can tackle all restoration projects.

We purchased the plate with the intention of a full comprehensive restoration to its original condition. This was one of the most difficult projects to date.

We can rebuild any instrument from a full cleaning service to a total rebuild including wood case repairs , brass work , french polishing , dial repainting and manufacture of missing parts.